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July 25, 2013
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Flamekit WSC ref by SophSouffle Flamekit WSC ref by SophSouffle
Name: Flamekit {Named after Emberstar's deceased brother}
Age: 0-6 moons
Mother: Sweetsoul
Father: Wolfcall
Gender: Male
Clan: Willowclan


"This little kit is scared of his own shadow, which causes him to run for his mother. He has a hard time socializing with other cats because of how nervous he gets. Older toms especially make him scared, even his own relatives will scare him at first. He can be a bit of a crybaby, if frightened quickly he will cry and hide."

"Once he attaches to you he will love you until the very end, family especially becomes close. Flamekit is very family-oriented, had he been alive when Blossomwhisker and Dazepaw left he would've taken it very personally. Everything he does is for his family, also being so close in age to his nieces and nephews helps with this attachment."

"Unlike most kits he doesn't really speak much, but when he does it's usually in a whisper. He will crawl up a bigger cat's shoulder and whisper in their ear, another effect of being so nervous all the time. The kit will grow out of this step by step but it will always be there a little bit."

"Flamekit is different than most kits and likes his own space, especially by his mother. He hates to be in a crowded space, if there is too much going on he will quietly find a way out and to somewhere quiet. Sometimes even his family can be too many cats to be around, leaving him overwhelmed in the massive amount of relatives."


Flamekit was born to Sweetsoul, the daughter of Emberstar, and Wolfcall, son of Willowfang, two brave warriors. His parents were part of the prophecy that saved the clans, a heroic matter that is now in the past. He has a relatively quiet and uneventful childhood, besides the gradual dissappearance of his father. This caused Flamekit to recoil back into his shell and become more and more of an introvert. Over time he wonders why his father never comes to visit him in the nursery and almost acquires a feeling of remorse towards Wolfcall. In return his connection with Sweetsoul becomes closer and closer everyday. Born with so many siblings can be tough on a kit or make it easier and in his case it makes it harder through his younger moons. In time he will grow to appreciate his brothers and sisters more and more. Moons passed with only Sweetsoul and her siblings raising the kits when suddenly his mother introduced a deep brown tom to the kits. His name was Darksun, he was similar to Flamekit and wanted deeply to care for these kits if they would let him. Flamekit was the weariest about letting him into the family, he wanted to like the tom but didn't want his mom to get hurt anymore than she already was. After a while Darksun's little jokes and groomings the dark kit began to bond with the tom. His siblings were head over heels for the stand in father and now he could see why, anytime the tom was around she was more than happy to play with him.

Coming soon..


:bulletwhite: Unsure
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate


:bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple: Sweetsoul
"I love my momma, she is so nice and doesn't make fun of how timid I am. I can't help it if I get scared easily...there are so many big things in and outside of the nursery that I'm just so scared of."

Artwork Flamekit is in:……
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He reminds me of Sasuke.

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xD he's such a pretty boy

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SophSouffle Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol I liked Itachi way better
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