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October 16, 2013
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Crowpaw - Windclan - Apprentice by SophSouffle Crowpaw - Windclan - Apprentice by SophSouffle


Name: Crowpaw

Age: 10 moons

Clan: Windclan (has Thunderclan blood in him)


:bulletyellow: Laidback

This apprentice would sit back and watch the clouds all day if he could, though there are responsibilities. He takes after his biological father, Crowley, he would rather be out watching the scenery. He enjoys sitting around with friends and talking, which can be good and bad. In some parts it's bad because he can have no motivation to do something but it can be good because it makes him more relaxed.

:bulletgreen: Friendly

Crowpaw loves to try and make friends even though he has a hard time with it. He will strike up a conversation with anyone and hope for the best, he enjoys listening to others and hearing about their stories. Back in Thunderclan he didn't have any friends and it seemed like everyone hated him but now that he is in Windclan he loves it. Everyone is so kind and accepting, not once did he feel put down for being halfclan.

:bulletred: Gullible

This tom falls for a lot of things, he tends to get in trouble for doing things that others tell him. If someone told him that hedgehogs tasted like peaches he would try his hardest to try and catch one to find out. Luckily nobody has figured out this trait in him and taken advantage of him. He will eventually partially grow out of this personality trait.

:bulletgreen: Affectionate

Crowpaw loves cuddly things, like kits, and will spend hours loving on them and taking care of them. He thinks of love as being the ultimate force in the world, Coalgaze and Earthfang are his role models, their love is pure and real. He hopes to find someone as perfect for him, though he doubts that someone will love him like that.

:bulletred: Over-protective

Most of the time Crowpaw will get really possessive of those that he loves, especially his siblings. Once they were born he spent all his time sitting outside the nursery to protect them from anything. He can get really angry if someone bad mouths his mother for being from Thunderclan, sometimes he fight them and try to win.



Before he was born Earthfang was a shy little Thunderclan warrior that wasn't liked by very many cats. Seeking relief from the ever-present hate that presided over her the brown she-cat spent most of her time in the woods which was where she ran into a loner, Crowley. He was a ray of light in her dark world. They fell for each other in a heartbeat, causing a young love that ended up in Crowpaw and a broken heart. As soon as she found out that she was pregnant with his kits she went to tell him to find out that the owners were not in the house anymore. She waited for him to come back for what seemed like years. So many nights were spent in tears and uncontrollable sobs, until she found a tom named Coalgaze. He quickly became her best friend and helped her through the pain and her pregnancy.


As a kit Crowkit was not liked very much by the Thunderclan cats, they knew he wasn't full blooded but didn't know that he was the son of a rogue, which he didn't either. Though soon after turning two moons old he was moved to Windclan and got used to the new cats. He loved it and thought of Coalgaze as his father and doesn't know he isn't his biological father. He played with Earthfang in the nursery every day and learned hunting skills from her and Coalgaze. Pain was unknown to the tiny kit until one day when Tigersun caught him and hurt not only himself but Earthfang too. Leaving with a knick in his ear and some mental trauma he was lucky to get out alive. Then once he was almost ready to be made an apprentice his cousin attacked Earthfang and told her what an awful mother she was. It infuriated him so much but he couldn't take her on, she was attacking his mother and he couldn't do anything. That was the day he swore to grow up to be an amazing warrior that would never let anything happen to his mother or anyone he loved ever again.


Once he became an apprentice Crowpaw took his promise even more seriously, constantly asking others to spar with him and teach him new things so that he could be the best ever. Almost everyone helped him and taught him things, he had many mentors. It was just him, Earthfang and Coalgaze until Earthfang announced that she was expecting another litter. So many feelings ran through Crowpaw, first it was excitement. Finally he would have little siblings to care for and to love. Then fear came over him, what if he couldn't protect them? What if they didn't like him? He wouldn't know what to do if they didn't like him. This fear was pushed down as time passed, more important things were pressing down on him. Suddenly one day when running he fell into a snake hole and was bit by an adder, though the real concern was the Scale Plague floating through the clans. Everyone feared for the worst, Crowpaw would die. Luckily the medicine cat, Spiderbite, saved his life many times in this short period of time. He hadn't been infected by the deadly plague and was able to move on from this awful stage in his life. Just in time to meet his siblings, they were perfect and he instantly took up the role of sitting outside the nursery and protecting them. Once he found out that Inkkit didn't like him his heart was broken...but he would never show it.


:bulletwhite: Unsure

:bulletyellow: Acquaintance

:bulletblue: Friends

:bulletgreen: Best Friends

:bulletpink: Crush

:bulletred: Love

:bulletpurple: Family

:bulletblack: Dislike

:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate



:bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred: Earthfang

"My mom...she has been there for me through everything. I love her more than anything, when Tigersun attacked us I thought...she was going to die. I shouldn't have doubted her though, she is the strongest she-cat I have ever met. I'm so happy that she gave me siblings."

:bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred: Coalgaze

"I love my father so much, he's my Pa. I want to make him proud, I mean he's deputy! He layed with me in the medicine cat den the whole time I was healing from the adder bite. He thought I was dying...well everyone did. Coalgaze finds time to hang out with me on matter what he is doing."

:bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletred: Puddlekit

"I love my little sister, she is so determined and smart. She will grow up to be one heck of a she-cat, I hope that I can help protect her from anything that might happen. I hope she can come to trust me and tell me anything, I'm her big brother for heck sake."

:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletwhite: Inkkit

I found out that he doesn't like hurts. All I've ever done is protect and love him and he doesn't like me. I have never done anything to him that would give him the right to not like me. It makes me upset...I don't wanna talk about Ink."

:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletgreen: Berrykit

"This little girl is spunky! She is my sister and I adore her, I feel like she can be my partner in crime. I love her to death, I showed her the apprentice den and Berry was so excited. I can't wait for her to grow up and be able to play more with me but I can wait for the toms to start swarming her. Nobody better hurt my little sisters."

:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblue: Petalkit

"My other sister, she is beautiful and I hope toms don't hurt her...because I'll have to hurt them back. I won't let anyone mess with Petal, she is one of the sweetest things I have ever layed my eyes on. I love her and hope she feels the same way about me."

:bulletgreen::bulletpink: Sugarpaw

"I..I really like this she-cat. She is so kind to me and I really hope she thinks of me the way I think of her. Sugarpaw is my best friend, I feel like I can tell her anything. I can talk to her about anything, she has helped me through a lot. If only I had the guts to tell her how I feel."




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