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We are cured!!!
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Hypokits, Backgroundless, w/ Background, Journal Doll and Apps
The Pitch Of Screwing Ferrets by SophSouffle
Emberstar Willowclan WSC by SophSouffle
'I Think They Like You Embertail' by SophSouffle
When The Monsters Come Out by SophSouffle
Ferretwhisker and Earthfang by SophSouffle
Creaian HypoKits by SophSouffle
I am flexible but I am in need of points quick! Please help me out and don't be afraid to ask me about comissioning me.

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Why..Do My Children Hate Me So by SophSouffle
Why..Do My Children Hate Me So
Earthfang isn't doing so well now that Petaldance has left for Shadowclan...
Earthfang and Coalstar are thinking of having kids again in the future but are terrified to ;m;

Earthfang (c) :iconsophsouffle:
Coalstar (c) :iconindesomniac:
Valentines Day by SophSouffle
Valentines Day
I am uploading this so I can save it on my phone since it's been doing weird shit recently.

Anyway I very excited to celebrate Valentines Day with my big lug <3
Drew and I have been dating 6 months as of now. His birthday is right after Valentines Day too ;D
Peachbelly Medicine Cat Skyclan by SophSouffle
Peachbelly Medicine Cat Skyclan

Name: Peachbelly
Past Names: Peachkit/paw
Rank: Medicine Cat
Age: 20 + moons
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mate: No she hates everyones fucking guts
Clan: Skyclan


:bulletgreen: Good Traits

Peachbelly takes to others a bit slowly but she does care for them with all her heart. She treats everyone the way she would want to be treated, very rarely will she be rude to someone. Her heart is big and she wants more than anything to feel that she has made an impact on others and their lives. Kindness is what Peachbelly tries to give to every cat she meets, making others happy is her goal in life. 

The auburn medicine cat loves many things, other cats and their well-being especially. From a young age the little she-cat would cuddle up to others and tell them how much she loved them. Many thought her weird but she didn't mind, she always knew she was different. Peachbelly wants kits that she can love and give all her affection to, if she ever took on a mate she would love them unconditionally.

While Peachbelly would love to have a mate to rely on she is leery due to what her father did to her mother. From the day that she found out what happened with her father she swore that would never happen to her. Being on her own wasn't so bad, it was lonely but she would rather be lonely than suffer from a broken heart. Everything she does is by herself and accepting help is hard for her.

:bulletyellow: Neutral Traits

If Peachbelly senses danger she gets a bit shaky and wants to run, her instinct as a medicine cat is to run rather than fight. She is not strong and wouldn't be able to protect herself or others if she was put in a situation where she had to fight. The upside of this is that she can run from danger and survive to protect her clan longer.

Fidgeting and biting her claws is a normal habit for Peachbelly, little things make her nervous. If someone is talking about fighting or hurting others she becomes very nervous and squeamish. Other things that set her off are coughing, vomiting, claws dragging across hard surfaces and negative emotions. Most of the time she will try her hardest to get away from what bothers her.

Peachbelly hates making decisions, if asked to she will pace and bite her claws. If it is a medical decision she can make it in a heartbeat but any other kind of decision makes her queasy. If she had to pick between two cats to save it would tear her in half, the medicine cat likes to sit on the fence on almost all situations. Unless it is something that really hits home with her, then she will fight for her side always.

:bulletred: Bad Traits

Peachbelly tends to be a bit of an emotional train wreck, it would be a good idea to stay away when she is upset. She can lash out and hurt those around her. When she is emotionally unfit she hides away, most of the time in the top of a tree. Whenever she thinks about her father she becomes angry and upset, so Peachbelly tries hard not to think of the adulterer. 

Grudge Holding
Be careful with trying anything with Peachbelly, if you do something bad to her she will never forget. She still hates her father for what he did to her mother, which has been over a year ago. A good example of this is when the battle between Shadowclan and Skyclan happened, she still hates Ghostsong for killing Cloverstar. If you mess with someone she loves there will be no mercy.

Even though she doesn't like to admit it, Peachbelly judges books by their covers. She distrusts many toms due to her father's actions, not from anything they have personally done. It takes some time to crack through to her that not everyone is like that. Though with the incident between the deputy and her she is even more wary around toms.


Peachkit was born to two warriors, they made an odd couple but no cat dared to audibly question the relationship. The tom, Pricklepelt was one of the rudest cats in Skyclan. His mate, Lemonfur, was a kind queen and she took care of her little bundle without her mates help. At a very young age Peachkit was taken to the medicine cat's den with a swollen stomach. No one could figure out why her stomach was so distended, she couldn't walk because of how big it was. Lemonfur was terrified, her baby was sick. Peachkit didn't really complain about pain due to her medical condition but the whole clan still worried for the little bundle of fur. Other kits didn't understand that she was sick and would make fun of her for being 'fat.' This did not go over well with Lemonfur, she would yell at the mothers for letting their kits be so rude. Peachkit just thought that she was meant to look like that, though when Cloverstar came to visit her she knew something had to be wrong. The little kit took to the leader immediately and wanted to be her apprentice one day. Though Cloverstar knew this would never happen, she told Lemonfur that Peachkit would have to be a medicine cat apprentice. There was no way for her to fight with that kind of thing wrong with her. At first Peachkit was inconsolable, she wanted to be like the rest of the kits and become a warrior apprentice. Lemonfur tried to explain to her that she would be unique if she became the medicine cat apprentice, it was an honor actually. This made Peachkit feel a little better but it still seemed strange to her. She played as much as possible without hurting herself. Though one day she saw her mother crying, Peachkit tried to console her but she was hysterical. Looking around she saw her father, she ran over to ask him what was wrong with Lemonfur but he was sharing tongues with another she-cat. He told her how glad he was that she was carrying his kits. Peachkit felt her heart drop, her father was cheating on her mother. From that moment on she disowned her father, which he didn't care either way.

Medicine Cat Apprentice
Finally the day came when Peachkit could leave the nursery, she was now Peachpaw. It was strange to her but she knew in a few days she would get used to it. Her mentor was kind and understanding that she wasn't able to move very fast, the medicine cat hastily went to work on trying to fix the little she-cat. He would knead and prod her belly, sometimes causing her to cry out in pain. After a few moons of training one day she became very sick, she was drooling and couldn't stand up. Rumbles could be heard coming from her belly as she laid in the medicine cat den, her mentor cursing above her. He was pacing around the den yelling at Starclan for not helping him with his beloved apprentice. She was laying in pain, her stomach screaming out in pain. Finally like a bolt of lightning it hit the tom, Elderberries! They would unblock her belly and would cause her to make dirt. He hadn't seen her make dirt in a long time...well the whole time he knew her. After feeding her a few the she-cat was able to go and was unblocked. Peachpaw cried out in relief and hugged her mentor, he had saved her life. From this point on she had to eat elderberries about every day. As she went along in her training she learned so much, and after a year she had learned all her mentor had to offer. To her horror one day he was dead, it had been unbelievable but the Plague had stolen him from her. She loved him and couldn't believe that she couldn't come to him and console in his warm presence. He was just...gone.

Medicine Cat
Peachpaw grudgingly took her position as Medicine Cat, becoming Peachbelly after the ordeal with her enlarged stomach. It was strange to see her slim after all those moons of her being plump. She was quite a beauty now, Peachbelly had grown into a woman. Her figure was very curvy yet petite. Though love was never on her mind, Pricklepelt had ruined that for her. Never would she love and risk getting her little heart broken. The only tom she could've seen herself with was her mentor and he was dead and gone. So for moons she did her job and ignored the thought of settling down. Until one day a tom showed interest in her, his name was Wildstorm, he was the deputy of her clan. He was handsome and strong and he had a hold on Peachbelly's heart. She agreed to be his mate...but it didn't last long. Wildstorm told her that he loved Cherrystem and felt like he was closer to her. Peachbelly thought it was just Starclan making a fool of her. So angrily she stomped off and spent a few days away from Skyclan camp. It was a selfish thing to do but she couldn't stand to see his face, she might just tear it off. Peachbelly consoled in her only friend when she came back, Finwhisker. She was mentoring his son and had grown close to him.


:bulletwhite: Unsure
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good Friend
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love
:bulletorange: Respect
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate

Roleplay Sample


I have been asked about if Splitstar had siblings and yes he does <33 They are all 24 moons old since none of the kits from his litter survived.


- No marysues or garysues, hence please for the love of God don't make them overpowered or overly amazing in every way.
- No mutations, and if you want one you must ask me and the other admins first and since we've been getting hazed for Splitstar already we really really don't want to add more fuel to the fire.
- Has to be 24 moons old, his parents only had two litters.
- No crazy colors, eyes or pelt
- Has to be in Windclan
- They can have any personality you choose but please remember that Splitstar doesn't enjoy cats that talkback or challenge him.


- If I get time I will definitely post some designs but keep in mind that I am extremely busy now that i'm at college so it might not happen.
- You can create your own design but please try and keep it close to Splitstar, but don't copy.
- His father is a tan striped tom with a white chest and his mother is a small dark ruddy brown color with white toes.
- So please don't make any yellow, orange, or other really unrelated colors.

Due Date

There isn't one set but i'm thinking around the end of October or early November.


The Winners have been decided!

 :: TRE ~ Bronzeheart :: by K-1-L-L
TRE - Swantuft - WindClan by daliish TRF - Hollowvoice by good-within-u


Sophie B.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi i'm Sophie!
I don't bite so feel free to message me or ask me anything <3

I am a Microsoft Paint Artist

My Roleplay Groups





Thunderclan Windclan


(If i've forgotten anyone please let me know!)
:iconliixen::iconmeeshmoose::iconjaggyjay::iconipann::icontwitchglitch::iconshakshun: :icondoctorcritical: :iconflip-side-of-sanity::iconforeverwaffles::iconxhalfalife101x: :iconprincess-moon-3::iconwearethereasons::iconinfernolynx::icongreeneflygon::iconsunnpie::iconclmewmewgirl::iconymirs: :iconbettarae::icongaygenetics::iconwakesfield::iconpyxiecat::iconmod2amaryllis::iconpanderoo::iconpaperfleece::iconsailing::iconsinfulsouls::icontinderboxfox::iconxhalfalife101x:

Current Residence: US
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/Surrealism
Operating System: PS2
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Fujimoto from Ponyo
Personal Quote: Everything happens for a reason


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Also srry about not messagin you. I was just having a rough day, then found out leaving dA only made it worse. Soo I decided I couldn't be gone for too long.
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It's ok, I was just worried about you. We need to catch up sometime
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