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I am flexible but I am in need of points quick! Please help me out and don't be afraid to ask me about comissioning me.

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Friends Style Meme by SophSouffle
Friends Style Meme
This isn't very good because I majorly rushed it. I hope you like your styles in my attempt!

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I can't tell which way my life is going, up or down.
Willowclan Announcement :WIP: by SophSouffle
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So I will finish this later when finals isn't killing me

:iconsophsouffle: Emberstar
:iconinfernolynx: Stormleap
TRE Windclan Leader Splitstar by SophSouffle
TRE Windclan Leader Splitstar

*Update 10/6/14 Finished history

Personal Information

Name: Splitstar
Clan: Windclan
Age: 38 moons
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Mate: None


[:bulletgreen: Good Traits/ :bulletyellow: Neutral Traits/ :bulletred: Bad Traits]

:bulletgreen: Loyal

    This tom lives by the golden rule of being loyal to his clan and loved ones, disloyalty can get you kicked from his clan. He has gotten into all out brawls with those who prove themselves to not be worthy of the protection he offers. The moment you agree to live under his rule there is no doublecrossing or backstabbing him, unless you want to face the wrath of Splitstar. Though the moment you prove yourself to him he will protect you with all his might, especially if it is a child.

:bulletgreen: Fatherly

    Splitstar is all about kits and apprentices, he will take time out of his busy day to play with them and watch them grow. He dreams of having children of his own, though he knows not many would be able to stomach a two-faced tom. The tom tries hard to not scare others with his appearance, though there isn't much he can do. Most kits are scared of him at first, understandably but it still hurts the leader's feelings. Watching the mothers recoil in fear that the leader will strike their kits is the biggest pain though. No matter what Splitstar would never ever harm a kit.

:bulletgreen: Level-headed

    While this tom is all about loyalty he is a reasonable man and likes to talk through things before he makes a decision. His deputy and medicine cat are constantly in his den to help him make decisions, sometimes even warriors will help him make decisions if he trusts them enough. He especially thinks hard on a decision that involves the other clans, most meetings he sits and reasons through everything the other leaders say and any objections the warriors make.

:bulletyellow: Pensive

    Making decisions takes a very long time for Splitstar to do because of how hard he thinks over every detail. If something is serious he will internally stress and debate with his high ranks over what to do. Sometimes he bites his toes and his eyes hurt if he keeps his brow furrowed for too long due to stress. Splitstar needs to be one hundred percent sure when making a decision, so he can stick by it to the end.

:bulletyellow: Intense

    Splitstar is a very real and intense tom, he doesn't sugarcoat anything or lie about what's going on. If you start a fight with Windclan's leader, expect him to end it. Everything he does, he does it with a passion and fire in his three eyes. His intimidating appearance helps with this intense persona. He prides himself on being able to run his clan and if someone jeopardizes them he will die to bring them down.

:bulletred: Temperamental

    Do not get on this big boys bad side, the moment you make him mad he can easily be sent into a further rage. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his two faces show twice the emotion. Now while most of the time he is a loving and fatherly tom, he can also be an angry and harsh leader. He needs full loyalty and respect and isn't afraid to prove himself. This can be a problem with cocky toms that strut around his clan, if they were to challenge the two-faced male he will gladly beat them down.

:bulletred: Territorial

    A word of advice for trespassing on Windclan territory....don't do it. Splitstar has three eyes and can see in a wider peripheral than others. He will see you on his territory if he is patrolling, and even if he doesn't it is unlikely that you can go through Windclan without being caught. Windclan is his main priority and again if someone jeopardizes it he will attack and seek reason. If it is a kit or young cat he will take mercy due to his love for them but adults will not be tolerated.



It was cold and rainy the night that a dark queen by the name of Lithepath and a tan tom by the name of Bushpelt became parents. Unfortunately it wasn't a wonderful moment either. The mother pushed out the first kit and realized that it was stillborn, she sobbed but continued pushing...all kits dead. She gave up but was urged to push because there was one more left inside, knowing it would be dead she didn't want to continue kitting but Bushpelt told her she had to. So with a shriek she pushed and out came a monster, it caused everyone in the medicine cat den to scream and recoil. The poor thing was writhing and attempting to make noises. As the medicine cat got closer he realized that this kit had two faces, he meowed, "This is a sign from Starclan." The father looked down at his only living child and the tears flowed down his face, "He looks as though he was split in half." Lithepath pulled her mewling son against her and meowed, "His name shall be Splitkit." They both were crying while cleaning the new kit, though something began to go wrong. He was having a hard time figuring out how to breathe out of both mouths, his mother would put her mouth around his muzzle and help him breath for the first few days. Without Lithepath the future leader would've been dead in a few moments of birth.

Within a few days Splitkit opened all three of his eyes and began to look around, things were blurry and it hurt his head really badly to try and focus. The tiny kit stuck to his mother's side and would nuzzle against her face, and despite him being a 'monster' Lithepath treated him like any mother would, and was actually quite protective of him. She would see other queens giving her son a look of disgust and she would tell them off. The day that leader came in to see Splitkit he gave a gasp of shock and caused Splitkit to cry, which means Lithepath gave him a piece of her mind. She even threatened to leave the clans if the leader had a problem with Splitkit. Not many kits got lucky enough to have a mother that cared so much as to tell the leader off. Lithepath and Bushpelt were the most attentive and caring parents Splitkit could've ever been blessed with.

Once the little tom began to speak he surprised everyone by being able to speak out of both mouths, though it was just a mirror action. He couldn't control which mouth he spoke out of, it just was a motor reaction from his brain. Though he could barely see out of his middle eye, it was mostly blurry and his two eyes on the outside connected the picture. It still gave him a bigger range that he could see out of but his eyesight was not that great. Neither was the hearing out of his middle two ears since they were pressed so close together. The tom was beginning to socialize more...well he was trying to at least. The other kits avoided him and the warriors were frightened by the two faced kit. So until he reached six moons old he really only talked to his parents. Bushpelt tried to teach him hunting stances and other moves but Splitkit was not very steady on his paws yet. He waited eagerly for his apprentice name and a chance to talk to other cats.


When the day finally came for the large kit to stand before his clan and accept his mentor and new name he couldn't be more excited. His parents were nervous for what the others would say but Splitkit paid no mind to them. Bouncing forward, his pelt all clean due to his mother, the tom sat fidgeting in front of his leader, a big smile spread across both mouths. "From this day forward Splitkit shall be known as Splitpaw. Your mentor will be Milknose. I hope he can teach you all the things he knows and pass on his wisdom to you." Splitpaw hurried towards his mentor and pressed one of his noses to his mentor's. It was awkward but a good bonding moment for them to chuckle over as they grew closer. At first it was apparent that Milknose was uncomfortable with the thought of being so close to a two-faced cat but with time he saw that Splitpaw was like every other apprentice.

Milknose taught Splitpaw how to hunt and spar first, mastering some difficult maneuvers and becoming a strong warrior in training. Though when it came to memorizing the territories the apprentice seemed to have a knack for it, since only his middle eyes had good vision he had a wider range of vision. Now things in front of him were a bit harder to see but his ears were always swiveled forward to listen for things. He had the territory memorized in a moon or so and was able to tell where the scentmarkers were supposed to be. Milknose was very impressed with the tom and told the current leader of his progress, which he wasn't swayed to make a warrior earlier or anything of that sort. Milknose became a bit frustrated that his leader wouldn't listen but continued on with honing Splitpaw's skills. Nothing of great importance happened in his apprentice moons other than going to his first gathering and meeting a horde of cats. There were many responses on the sight of him, many gasped and were completely shock while others looked fearful or disgusted. Splitpaw was heartbroken but luckily had Briarpaw by his side, he knew even she found him a little weird but she was kind to him so that was all that mattered. While waiting at the gathering he did make one friend, his name was Carppaw. Splitpaw instantly felt a connection to this tom and felt that Carppaw respected him in a way that only Milknose did. So the two became friends and promised to stay that way no matter what happened between Riverclan and Windclan.

As the apprentices got older there would be small little events that caused grief for one clan at a time but nothing of great importance happened. Bushpelt began to be more stressed out by the thought of his son being out on his own but would only talk to Lithepath about it, which they knew this would happen eventually. Being parents meant one day you would have to watch your children leave the nest and become adults. Splitpaw missed them and visited them everyday but was enjoying the new environment that he was living in.

One day though while out hunting Milknose was running and got his front leg stuck in a snake hole, he broke his leg badly. Splitpaw had to carry the mangled white tom back to camp and beg the medicine cat to save him. Unfortunately, Milknose's leg was done for. It was contorted in such a way that there was no way to perfectly heal it. So instead the tom had to wear a brace on his leg that was made of branches and vines tied around it. He couldn't run or fight very well, Milknose practically became an elder. This was a huge blow to both Splitpaw and Milknose, they were so close and now they wouldn't be able to run together or hunt...anything they used to do. Begrudgingly Splitpaw took on a new mentor for the last moon, though his new mentor didn't treat him the same. The leader was his new mentor, he would spar with him until the apprentice was begging for a break to breath. Patchstar was merciless with Splitpaw though, he had never liked the little monster...he thought he should've died the moment Lithestep birthed him. He made it apparent too, never had Splitpaw felt so out of place. Patchstar would make him run until his legs felt as though they were gonna fall off. Sometimes the dark apprentice thought about breaking his leg so that he could be in the elder's den with Milknose. Everyday he would go to his old mentor and tell him how awful Patchstar was treating him but to no avail. There was nothing Milknose could do...there was nothing anyone could do.

So after a month of suffering through Splitpaw was finally made a warrior, "Splitpaw from today forward you will be known as Splitface." The tom was unsure of how to feel about his new name but was just grateful to be free from the grasp of his hateful leader. His mother greeted him with a warm smile and a few licks across his cheek, "My young boy is all grown up! I can't believe you're a warrior now." Splitface felt unsure of what he was supposed to do, he had laid out duties as an apprentice but now he could decide what to do after he finished hunting or patrolling. It was a bit liberating and he was excited to start the rest of his life as an independent cat. Though soon he would find out that life on your own was tiring and stressful. Truthfully he spent most of his free time with either his parents or Milknose, he would bring prey back or go on slow walks with his old mentor. Though the white tom liked to have fun still, they would sit and talk to the apprentices and watch them play silly games. Mostly it was peaceful in the clan until one day Patchstar turned, there was something wrong in his head. Never had any Windclan cat acted this way, he was tyrannical and would punish cats for no reason.

After moons of putting up with Patchstar's unacceptable behavior Splitface decided to stand up to the tom, "Patchstar you need to stop this nonsense. You can't banish cats just because you feel like it." The large, very unkempt, leader didn't not like being told what to do. At this point the deputy, Sapsneeze, stood alongside Splitface to turn this tyrant down. Patchstar didn't go down without a fight, he was actually ran off by the two. Splitface had a lot to protect with his mother being pregnant, he wouldn't let anything happen to his family. So with Starclan having stripped the senile leader of his lives Sapsneeze became Sapstar. He appointed Splitface as his deputy for being so loyal to Windclan.

Now that he had ascended the ranks very quickly the tom had a sense of power and thoroughly enjoyed being able to make an impact on his clan. His leader was kind and level-headed, though he was constantly sick. He was given the prefix Sap due to how his nose would run as a kit and he would constantly whimper and make little sneezing noises. Splitface didn't judge him on this fact though, he knew that no circumstance of physical meaning could keep you from doing your best for the clan. The deputy actually highly respected Sapstar and looked to him for guidance.

As he grew into a more mature cat Splitface noticed something different, there was a she-cat that caught his eye. Usually the tom didn't have romantic feelings for anyone, all of his emotions for others were platonic. Not this time though, this she-cat was beautiful and made his heart fall into his stomach, her name was Mouseear. Her ears were small and so was most of her features, except for her eyes. She had beautiful green eyes, to Splitface nothing compared to her. Most days he would try to build up the nerve to talk to her but every time he chickened out, leaving himself a lonely mess of emotions. Finally though after long debating he decided to approach her in means of speaking about more than just hunting or patrols. His voice was strained from nerves and he had to think hard on not letting it squeak. "Hello..Mouseear," he managed to force out. The beautiful warrior turned around and jumped a bit from the surprise of seeing her deputy, " everything ok?" Her tone of voice was very sweet and concerned, it seemed to put Splitface in a trance. He shook himself back to reality and meowed, "Yes, I was just wondering if.." he looked around as though something would hit him to say, "if you would like to go on a border patrol with me." He could've hit himself in the faces but knew not to show that he hadn't planned out what he was gonna say. She chuckled and responded with, "Well sure."

The more time Splitface spent with Mouseear the more he fell in love with her, they would stay out late and watch the stars. He could have the deepest conversations with her and she was willing to listen to him and try to understand how he felt. Though the deputy tried to always keep it on a positive vibe. Soon he found himself thinking about her when he slept, patrolled, hunted and even when talking to others. Splitface knew he needed to ask her to be his mate. For guidance he went to his pregnant mother, she would know what to do. "Mother...I need some help. I want to ask Mouseear to be my mate. What should I do?" The dark queen looked excited but a confusing pained expression lingered on her face. Splitface knew immediately something was wrong, "Mother what's going on?" He laid down beside her and looked over her, "I'm..I'm getting ready to give birth. Please..go get Cherryfur." Quickly Splitface ran and grabbed the red medicine cat, "Please help my mom is going into labor." The medicine cat began his job and managed to successfully deliver all three kits. "Congratulations Lithepath, there are two girls and one boy." The queen was overjoyed and began to groom her newborn kits.

In all the confusion Splitface never got any help with his dilemma, which would soon turn into an even bigger problem...Mouseear went missing. She had been in her nest at night and then in the morning she was gone. Splitface tried to tell himself that she was just out hunting and got carried away with time. Though it began to be nightfall and she was still not back, he raced out into the moors to look for her. She had to be somewhere close by...she had to. His heads swiveling around and searching frantically for her. He stayed out all night in search of her. When he returned back to camp something even worse was going on. The scent of blood was scattered through the air, panic seized Splitface's chest. With a loud thud he looked up to see the old leader attacking Sapstar, the two were duking it out and many warriors were attacking Patchstar in an attempt to save Sapstar. The leader was already on weak legs due to being sick, he had lost four lives already due to sickness. The clan didn't know it though, Splitface and Sapstar had decided to keep it a secret.

Quickly he peeked his head in the nursery to see that his siblings and mother were ok, they were frightened but Splitface knew that Lithepath would rip anyone's throat out that tried to hurt her children. "Everything will be ok. Windclan will protect you," he meowed to them before taking his head out of the nursery. Looking back up he saw his father, Bushpelt, attacking Patchstar. Quickly things turned bad though, Bushpelt was viciously bit on the neck by the mangy old leader, causing him to fall back and screech in agony. Patchstar was obviously sick and filled with diseases, his mouth was foaming and his fur was falling out. This enraged Splitface and sent him flying after the old senile cat, "Leave my clan alone." Once up to where the toms were fighting it was obvious that Sapstar was not ok, he had blood pooling around him and big gashes in his flesh. The poor leader was always so gentle, he wanted peace over fighting. Splitface felt tears forming in his eyes at the sight of his leader, then the words of Patchstar cut through him like knifes, "What? Mourning over your pathetic little leader? You should really be mourning the death of your little lover...what was her name...oh right! Mouseear. I killed her far slower than this weakling. At least she put up a fight." He bellowed out a bowel twisting laugh that made Splitface so enraged that he couldn't see clearly. In a flash he was ripping at Patchstar's neck, blood spraying him and the guttural gurgling of his old mentor made him continue. Patchstar dug his claws into Splitface's shoulder but the smaller tom continued to fight to the death. There was no escaping, "You're the real monster." The irony was so sweet, all along Patchstar had displaced his own monstrous feelings onto Splitface for his appearance.

As quickly as it had started it was over, Patchstar had managed to push Splitface off but when he did the deputy's tooth get hooked on his jugular and slit it. The old leader let out a blood curdling yelp before slowly slumping to the ground. Windclan had survived but unfortunately the figurehead of it did not. Sapstar managed to hang onto life for three more days, the infection killing him multiple times. Sapstar had been doomed from the very beginning, his immune system was as weak as an elder's and he would've never been able to survive the terrible infection that Patchstar carried.

Splitface groomed his dead leader and sat vigil before heading to receive his nine lives... Sapstar greeted him at moonrock and gave him his final life, Benevolence.


Splitstar has been leader for quite a few moons, the only occurrences being that he made allies with Riverclan. His siblings have grown up to be strong Windclan warriors. Also the camp was refortified after Patchstar's attack. The rains have caused the leader to be a nervous wreck and his reliance on Kestrelwing is much heavier now.

More to come...


:bulletwhite: Unsure
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good Friend
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletorange: Respect
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate


:bulletblue::bulletorange: Kestrelwing SimplyNeon
"My deputy has a good head on his shoulders, I know he will serve Windclan well and that he cares deeply about them. If I died tonight I would be happy with him taking my spot."

Echoheart Paper-Wings-Ranch
"I owe him so much, he tended to my wound from the tree falling. He is a great medicine cat and I am very proud to have him in my clan. He has a kind heart from what I've seen so far, I only hope he can stay that way with all the pain that is to come from these rains."

Littlepaw Kitsanil
"I love Littlepaw like a daughter, she has such a kind heart and I hope she can hold on to her purity. I would protect her from the floods as any father would for his daughter, I am very proud of her."

Stormvoice LUMlN
"I respect this tom a lot, he is strong and is extremely loyal to the clan. Not only that but he has overcome his disability and is thriving. I am glad to have him in my clan."

Bunnyfreckle Agavny
"This poor girl, she does not deserve to be picked on. She is lovely and pretty, if I catch anyone making fun of her I will personally rip their pelt off."

Briarsong SozinThis
"One of my most loyal warriors, she is always coming to me with advice on how to help. I really enjoy her company and that she speaks openly with me. She has proven her loyalty to me and I know that she would never turn her back on Windclan."


Puddlestar twiiley
"I don't know how to feel about this young'un. He obviously has no clue what he's doing, it's a real pity. If only he could've been shown the ropes before his dad died. All he needs to do is believe in himself and i'm sure the little guy would be just fine."


Copperstar candysprites
"Before I was a bit skeptical about Copperstar but after this last gathering I must say I am glad to see he has a big heart! It was very kind of him to offer us herbs, while I hope that there won't be a need to borrow them but if there is I am more than willing to pay back Shadowclan somehow."

Shadestare Fluffonmypants
"I could tell that this she-cat had a bit of hatred in her heart for Windclan by the way she would look at us but after she so kindly helped Echoheart heal me I know that deep down she is a true medicine cat. I am glad to see that she has the mentality of a medicine cat, I only hope that she can keep hold of that."


Carpstar indesomniac
"While many don't know this, Carpstar and I have been close friends ever since we were apprentices. We would talk to each other about how much we dreamed of being leader. Look at us now! Ha, I will always support Carp in his decisions and know that he has my back. I trust him more than most cats."

Softpaw Wolf-mask
"She is a sweet little thing, though she was scared of my face at first...Anyways, we talked and she saw that i'm not a monster. I hope that she does well in her training to become a medicine cat."


Owlstar Biirdi
"I hate this feline, she turned down my clan in our time of need. She is cocky and rude and I can't stand her. Not only that but she didn't even try to save those cats under the tree, she just stood there and screamed...weakling. She talks big game but in the end she only cares about herself..what a waste of nine lives."

I have been asked about if Splitstar had siblings and yes he does <33 They are all 24 moons old since none of the kits from his litter survived.


- No marysues or garysues, hence please for the love of God don't make them overpowered or overly amazing in every way.
- No mutations, and if you want one you must ask me and the other admins first and since we've been getting hazed for Splitstar already we really really don't want to add more fuel to the fire.
- Has to be 24 moons old, his parents only had two litters.
- No crazy colors, eyes or pelt
- Has to be in Windclan
- They can have any personality you choose but please remember that Splitstar doesn't enjoy cats that talkback or challenge him.


- If I get time I will definitely post some designs but keep in mind that I am extremely busy now that i'm at college so it might not happen.
- You can create your own design but please try and keep it close to Splitstar, but don't copy.
- His father is a tan striped tom with a white chest and his mother is a small dark ruddy brown color with white toes.
- So please don't make any yellow, orange, or other really unrelated colors.

Due Date

There isn't one set but i'm thinking around the end of October or early November.


- There are two spots open, 2 girls.
- If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

The boy has been given to :iconk-1-l-l: with Bullheart :: TRE ~ Bronzeheart :: by K-1-L-L


Sophie B.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi i'm Sophie!
I don't bite so feel free to message me or ask me anything <3

I am a Microsoft Paint Artist

My Roleplay Groups





Thunderclan Windclan


(If i've forgotten anyone please let me know!)
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Current Residence: US
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/Surrealism
Operating System: PS2
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Fujimoto from Ponyo
Personal Quote: Everything happens for a reason


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