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Hypokits, Backgroundless, w/ Background, Journal Doll and Apps
The Pitch Of Screwing Ferrets by SophSouffle
Emberstar Willowclan WSC by SophSouffle
'I Think They Like You Embertail' by SophSouffle
When The Monsters Come Out by SophSouffle
Ferretwhisker and Earthfang by SophSouffle
Creaian HypoKits by SophSouffle
I am flexible but I am in need of points quick! Please help me out and don't be afraid to ask me about comissioning me.

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WSC l Ironeyes l Willowclan l Warrior by SophSouffle
WSC l Ironeyes l Willowclan l Warrior

NamesIronkit Ironpaw Ironeyes
Clan: Willowclan
Age: 20 moons
Mother: Emberstar
Father: Stormleap
Sisters: Sweetsoul, Blossomwhisker, Owlsong
Brothers: Spiderbite, Berryblood, Bandit
Mate: None (Mothflight is dead)


"Ironeyes tends to take on the role of the protector, younger and older cats are often being surrounded by him. Being blind has made him better in his other senses and he makes up for his deficiancy by practicing and fighting hard. His siblings have been his main cats that he protects. Now that he has a mate he tends to protect her ferociously."

"In his younger days he was made fun of for not being able to open his eyes, which caused him to be quiet and sad most of the time. He never speaks unless spoken to, most take it as a sign of respect but it's mostly to not get his feelings hurt."

Easily Angered
Ever since his mate's passing his trigger has become even quicker to burst, he will turn on someone and show them he isn't weak if he feels as though they are trying to say he is. If someone mentions his blindness Ironeyes will become distraught and try to show his strength, sometimes even causing pain to himself.

Being a kit was easy and carefree, though he was the only kit with a disability during that time. No one really understood what it was like to not be able to see, it hurt every time he tried to open his eyes pain shot through him. The muscles around his eyes were messed up, something wouldn't allow him to open them. Though one time he did succeed, it caused blood vessels to pop in his eyes and blood welled up and wouldn't stop. He spent almost all his time in the medicine cat den, his eyes wrapped in cobwebs and his paws slowly trying to memorize his home. Many kits would whisper about him being blind and causing deep feelings of self-consciousness. His sister, Sweetkit, always spent her time with him. She would show Ironkit the way through camp and how to play with others.

Ironpaw was going through a hard time during this time period of his life, he was confused about how he was supposed to contribute to the clan when he couldn't even see what he was doing. Kindling feelings of anger began to form within him, others should help him, he shouldn't have to deal with this alone. Sweetpaw still stayed with him but toms were chasing her and no one cared about him, Ironpaw felt as though there was something really wrong with him. Was he ugly? Was there something awful about the look of him that repelled everyone? Or even worse, was his personality not right? He managed to keep his cool until one day Blindpaw laughed at his deformity, she thought he was a waste of space since he has sight but it was just his muscles that didn't work. This set off a bomb inside him and he ferociously attacked the other apprentice, he tried to show her just how strong he was. Which he did, and actually received some respect from the she-cat afterwards.
WSC l Sweetsoul l Willowclan l Warrior by SophSouffle
WSC l Sweetsoul l Willowclan l Warrior

Age20 moons
Mate: None
BrothersIroneyes Berryfrost Bandit Spiderbite
SistersOwlsong Blossomwhisker
Sweetsoul likes to take care of as many cats as she can, the young she-cat loves almost everyone. If you asked her for help she would have a hard time telling you no. She is a lot like her mother, Emberstar. This also explains why she will talk to cats from other clans and easily befriend them. Now that she is expecting she has gone into mothermode, everyone that walks by is a target for her care.

Though she may be an adult that doesn't mean that she doesn't have fun or like to goof off. Despite her mother being the leader she will sneak off and play in the forest or just explore. When she was a kit she would run off with her friends, Darkpaw was the first to show her the outside world. When she went on the journey to bring back the cure to the sickness she would often stop and look at everything new. Wolfcall would have to drag her along just to continue.

Everything is beautiful to Sweetsoul and she has a childlike outlook. Often she can be caught playing with the kits or daydreaming, shaking her from these dreams is difficult. She isn't interested in being leader or ascending the ranks like others she just wants to live a happy live with her mate.

Sweetsoul may have good intentions but she doesn't think things through all the way. Many times she has been hurt by not thinking things through entirely. It caused her to get hurt in the mountains by shoving Wolfcall out of the way. Unfortunately she never stops believing Blossomwhisker will come back. Not a day passes where she doesn't go and search for her, an ember of hope that she will come back home. The large she-cat doesn't understand that Blossomwhisker can still love her but be gone. She thinks that her sister left out of hatred towards her little sister. This is her foolishness, she thinks things will get better. That there has to be a happy ending, that it can't just end like this.


Sweetkit was a relatively normal kit, born to Embertail the deputy of Willowclan and Stormleap a senior warrior of the same clan. She recieved lots of love not only from her parents but also from her six siblings. Being in such a big litter she never was bored, her love for adventure molded in these early days. The war had already passed and peace had settled among the clan. Things were less tense between the clans since Wintercall had passed and the transgressions were cleaned from Voicestar's slate. Sweetkit was born the same time as another litter in the clan, the kits of Willowfang and Bramblecloud. Unfortunately only one of the kittens survived, Wolfkit, which Sweetkit befriended and helped through his time of grief. They quickly became close and spent all their time together, always playing and exploring together. 

The large apprentice had the luck of having her big sister as her mentor, Stargazer. Sweetpaw was beginning to ripen in her young adulthood which toms began to notice. This troubled the calico she-cat, all these toms were her bestfriends. Flashpaw, Finchpaw, Stonepaw, Crimsonpaw and Wolfpaw had all felt something for her. The tall she-cat was not interested in having a relationship. A horrible sickness settled over the clans and she was chosen as part of a prophecy to save the clans. Through the mountains they traveled and across many lands. Many of the other cats were unfamiliar with the small Willowclan apprentice, all except her bestfriend Wolfpaw. Everything seemed to be getting a little better, she had been chosen to help all the clans and Starclan had blessed her to be with Wolfpaw. For moons they traveled and slept in new places every night and new creatures along the way. No matter how much she didn't want to admit it she was feeling things for Wolfpaw, different from friends. Each day she had to fight back the feelings more and more. Finally they made it to the mountains and the cure that they brought back to the clan. On the way home the calico almost broke her leg when a puma attacked the group of prophecy cats, her instinct caused her to thrown Wolfpaw out of the way. She fell in the ravine and cut her paw and fractured the bone, she was retrieved and brought back to the group. She had to limp back all the way home. Along the way and all the pain gave her the courage to admit to Wolfpaw the way she felt. Which he received with joy and admitted to her the way he felt. The two were suppossed to be made warriors also. After a long journey home she found Blossomwhisker on the edge of camp, with elation she grabbed her and held her so tight she thought her sister would explode. The expression on her beautiful sister's face worried her and for good cause. She admitted that she was moving away from Willowclan to be with her lover, Snarethroat. A lump formed in her throat and turned into a hole in her heart. Was her sister really moving away the same day she came home? Was this Starclan's idea of a joke? She couldn't let her go...she just couldn't. So with a broken paw she chased her sister through the thickness of the willows. Once she caught her Sweetpaw begged her not to go but only got slammed into a tree which left her unconscious to be found by Wolfpaw.


Once named Sweetsoul she thought things would start to get better but she was wrong. Her mother had been named Emberstar and she was proud of her but now she had so many responsibilities. Sweetsoul and Wolfcall remained mates for some time and everything seemed to be going great until a flood came in and took everyone away from the clans. Streamclan was all but destroyed, very few cats remaining. Sweetsoul's best friend disappeared and wasn't anywhere to be found, Crimsonstone was gone and it put Sweetsoul in a dark place. She didn't want to be moved to a different place, the old Willowclan was gone and the new one was..well not home. After a few moons everything seemed to calm down and she was wrong, Sweetsoul was pregnant and Wolfcall dissapeared. She was pregnant with his kits and he was gone. Completely broken she walked along Iceclan's border to find Bullstar, the tom who had harbored deep feelings of love for her since she was an apprentice. He helped her and promised that he would help raise her kits, she knew it wasn't right and that she couldn't hurt her mother as Blossomwhisker had. Sweetsoul agreed to him helping with the kits but not being in a relationship, her love for him was platonic. Returning back to her clan she fought with the demons that haunted her and they didn't go away until Crimsonstone came home. He had been ok, just swept away by the flood and had found his way home. Crimsonstone promised to be like a father to her kits and the amount of cats that cared for her was becoming more apparent. Not long after the return of her one best friend another came home, Finchfeather, he showed up one day. He was more handsome than ever, she wanted him to soothe her as he once had. Which he did, his soft voice and kind words helped her again.

WSC l Flamepaw l Willowclan l Apprentice by SophSouffle
WSC l Flamepaw l Willowclan l Apprentice

Name: Flamekit {Named after Emberstar's deceased brother}
Age: 0-6 moons
Mother: Sweetsoul
Father: Wolfcall
Gender: Male
Clan: Willowclan


"This little kit is scared of his own shadow, which causes him to run for his mother. He has a hard time socializing with other cats because of how nervous he gets. Older toms especially make him scared, even his own relatives will scare him at first. He can be a bit of a crybaby, if frightened quickly he will cry and hide."

"Once he attaches to you he will love you until the very end, family especially becomes close. Flamekit is very family-oriented, had he been alive when Blossomwhisker and Dazepaw left he would've taken it very personally. Everything he does is for his family, also being so close in age to his nieces and nephews helps with this attachment."

"Unlike most kits he doesn't really speak much, but when he does it's usually in a whisper. He will crawl up a bigger cat's shoulder and whisper in their ear, another effect of being so nervous all the time. The kit will grow out of this step by step but it will always be there a little bit."

"Flamekit is different than most kits and likes his own space, especially by his mother. He hates to be in a crowded space, if there is too much going on he will quietly find a way out and to somewhere quiet. Sometimes even his family can be too many cats to be around, leaving him overwhelmed in the massive amount of relatives."


Flamekit was born to Sweetsoul, the daughter of Emberstar, and Wolfcall, son of Willowfang, two brave warriors. His parents were part of the prophecy that saved the clans, a heroic matter that is now in the past. He has a relatively quiet and uneventful childhood, besides the gradual dissappearance of his father. This caused Flamekit to recoil back into his shell and become more and more of an introvert. Over time he wonders why his father never comes to visit him in the nursery and almost acquires a feeling of remorse towards Wolfcall. In return his connection with Sweetsoul becomes closer and closer everyday. Born with so many siblings can be tough on a kit or make it easier and in his case it makes it harder through his younger moons. In time he will grow to appreciate his brothers and sisters more and more. Moons passed with only Sweetsoul and her siblings raising the kits when suddenly his mother introduced a deep brown tom to the kits. His name was Darksun, he was similar to Flamekit and wanted deeply to care for these kits if they would let him. Flamekit was the weariest about letting him into the family, he wanted to like the tom but didn't want his mom to get hurt anymore than she already was. After a while Darksun's little jokes and groomings the dark kit began to bond with the tom. His siblings were head over heels for the stand in father and now he could see why, anytime the tom was around she was more than happy to play with him.

Coming soon..


Bullet; White Unsure
Bullet; Yellow Acquaintance
Bullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; Red Love
Bullet; Purple Family
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate


Bullet; RedBullet; GreenBullet; Purple Sweetsoul
"I love my momma, she is so nice and doesn't make fun of how timid I am. I can't help it if I get scared easily...there are so many big things in and outside of the nursery that I'm just so scared of."

Artwork Flamekit is in:……
WSC Sharing Tongues by SophSouffle
WSC Sharing Tongues

Bushfire and Mothwatcher are like sisters <33

Bushfire (c) :iconipann:
Mothwatcher (c) :iconsophsouffle:
WSC l Nutwhisker l Iceclan l Warrior by SophSouffle
WSC l Nutwhisker l Iceclan l Warrior

NameNutkitNutpaw Nutwhisker

Age: 24 moons

Gender: Male

Season Born in: Leaf-Fall

Orientation: Straight


Strong She-cats

Talkative Cats

Light Pelts

Dark Eyes


Hardheaded Cats

Unconfident Cats


Clan: Iceclan

Rank: Warrior

Apprentice: None


Bullet; RedCocky Bullet; YellowPretty Boy Bullet; GreenLoving Bullet; GreenProtective

Cocky: Nutwhisker can be pretty full of himself and loves to try and prove himself. He can come across as being rude and cocky but he doesn't really mind. Most likely he got this trait from not getting as much attention as he wanted as a kit. The two-toned cat tended to need a lot of attention and conversation. This tom can be a bit aggravating but once get to know him he isn't near as annoying, he actually likes to know about others and will listen as long as the other can keep his attention.

Pretty Boy: This bit of Nutwhisker is a secret, if his fur gets messed up he will instantly sneak off and clean it thoroughly. Being dirty is his least favorite thing in the world, sharing tongues is his favorite part. Though if someone messes his hair up he will have an internal panic attack, counting the seconds until he can fix it.

Loving: If you get on his good side he will care for you unconditionally and love you like one of his own. His sister sees most of this side to Nutwhisker. Kits are his soft spot, if someone came to him with a kit he would probably try to steal it. He wants a family that he can take care of and love unconditionally. He is willing to wait for the perfect mate but hopes that she comes along soon.

Protective: This is a part of his loving side in the fact that once he likes you there is no worry about anyone hurting you. This tom will fight tooth and nail for you, especially family. Chillstare is his main cat that he takes care of. He has been known to follow Chill around and make sure that she is safe.



As a kitten things were easy and carefree for little Nutkit, most of his time was spent playing with his siblings. He would get frustrated with his family for trying to rough him up and get him dirty. Even as a kit he hated being dirty or ruffled up, often he would stop to preen his fur and paws. Chillkit used to pick on his for this, most cats did but he just wanted to look presentable at all times. Once he was caught going to the river to try and clean his fur but was severely punished for leaving camp. From that day on he was afraid to leave camp alone or to get in trouble.


Nutkit was named Nutpaw and began to train to become a warrior. He really didn't care much for hunting but liked patrols and more social parts to the apprentice life. He was a lazy about his duties until one day his mentor was attacked by a rogue, Nutpaw had been slacking and didn't scent the tom cat approaching. Trying to make up for it he attacked the cat in retaliation but was hurt in the process, the tom slashed his claws down Nutpaw's chest. The pain made him pass out for a few moments, once he woke up he saw his beautiful mentor being attacked viciously. Anger overtook him and summoning up all the strength within him the apprentice fought off the rogue with the strength of a lion. Once back in the camp he realized that if he put his mind to it he could accomplish anything. This was what started his cocky aura, he continued to train to be the strongest he could. Fighting isn't his favorite but if he knows he will win he enjoys it a lot, as long as he's safe he doesn't worry or care one bit. Though one day he found out his sister, Chillpaw, was attacked by a fox and it angered him. If something were to take his sister away from him Nutpaw wouldn't know what to do. As soon as he was able to he went on a search for the fox but once he made it to the den fear struck over him, he knew it was impossible and that he would die. Running home he hid his tears and trying to swallow his pride, knowing that he was not strong enough it hurt him a lot. From then he knew that his cockiness could cause him a lot of trouble, it was hard for him but he tried not to be as full of himself. For a few moons he was quiet and tried to figure out who he was, though after these few moons he found himself to be an internally nervous and self-conscious cat.


Once named a warrior he began to try and serve his clan but wanted to spend most of his time with his sister and friends.

{Will add more once rp'd }



Bullet; White Unsure

Bullet; Yellow Acquaintance

Bullet; Blue Friend

Bullet; Green Best Friend

Bullet; Pink Crush

Bullet; Red Love

Bullet; Purple Family

Bullet; Black Dislike

Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate

Bullet; PurpleBullet; GreenBullet; RedChillstare

"I love my sister more than anything, we have always been as close as can be and lately life has been so hard on her. I can't stand to see her hurt like this, she is blaming herself for the death of Thrushflight. Whatever happens to her I just hope she is happy in whatever she does."


I have been asked about if Splitstar had siblings and yes he does <33 They are all 24 moons old since none of the kits from his litter survived.


- No marysues or garysues, hence please for the love of God don't make them overpowered or overly amazing in every way.
- No mutations, and if you want one you must ask me and the other admins first and since we've been getting hazed for Splitstar already we really really don't want to add more fuel to the fire.
- Has to be 24 moons old, his parents only had two litters.
- No crazy colors, eyes or pelt
- Has to be in Windclan
- They can have any personality you choose but please remember that Splitstar doesn't enjoy cats that talkback or challenge him.


- If I get time I will definitely post some designs but keep in mind that I am extremely busy now that i'm at college so it might not happen.
- You can create your own design but please try and keep it close to Splitstar, but don't copy.
- His father is a tan striped tom with a white chest and his mother is a small dark ruddy brown color with white toes.
- So please don't make any yellow, orange, or other really unrelated colors.

Due Date

There isn't one set but i'm thinking around the end of October or early November.


The Winners have been decided!

 :: TRE ~ Bronzeheart :: by Kill-Cola
TRE - Swantuft - WindClan by daliish tRE | Hollowvoice by good-within-u


Sophie B.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi i'm Sophie!
I don't bite so feel free to message me or ask me anything <3

I am a Microsoft Paint Artist

My Roleplay Groups





Thunderclan Windclan


(If i've forgotten anyone please let me know!)
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Current Residence: US
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/Surrealism
Operating System: PS2
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Fujimoto from Ponyo
Personal Quote: Everything happens for a reason


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